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Dory Padilla

Executive Recruiter

Dory joins Red Kite Recruiting after honing her skills in aviation and technology recruiting for 4 years.  She has demonstrated her ability to effortlessly build and maintain strong relationships with her clients and has already become an important cornerstone of our company’s culture.

Unquestionably the loudest recruiter at our firm, you can hear her bubbly laughter reverberating throughout all corners of the office during regular business hours Monday to Friday.  She’s so loud on the phone at times that we may or may not have purchased tiny red nerf balls to kindly remind her when to keep it down. Fortunately for us, she’s a great sport and isn’t afraid to fire back!

Dory grew up on the northwest side of Chicago and is always representing her favorite hometown team, the Chicago Cubs. When she isn’t busy being a super mom to her beautiful 5-year-old daughter Brooklynn, you can catch her getting gainz at the gym, reading a book, or enjoying a black bean burger.

Dory is excited to be a part of our growing team and can’t wait to take over the food and beverage industry with Red Kite!


Favorite Movie: The Conjuring

Favorite Quote: “Your best cards are the ones you haven’t played yet”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]