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Derek Henry-Williams

Search Consultant

Derek comes to Red Kite Recruiting after working up from a veteran-friendly recruiting coordinator, and a recent role as a corporate recruiter.

Derek grew up in the big-city: Gurnee, IL.  He then enlisted in the Active Duty United States Army in 2009, shortly after deploying to Afghanistan in OEF 11, in 2010.  His deployment gave him the ability to have genuine perception of varied perspective as well as an opportunity to transform into the first and only Black Bourne, he returned to Chicago to finish off his inactive commitment with a  contract in the US Army reserves.

In his time in the reserves, he met a mentor that introduced him into the world of recruiting where he had an opportunity to work his way up from a base recruiting coordinator.  In his time working up the ranks he has fulfilled the needs of fortune 500 clients like Wal-Mart, Sears, Avis Budget Group, and McKesson.

Derek’s recruiting experience has given him a well-rounded profile of recruiting from coordination to a full on-boarding corporate role.  After feeling the red tape of the necessary HR functions he is looking to bring this broad experience into the Executive Search climate, with a company with deep connections in their market.

Derek is hesitantly a “cat guy”, a basketball and soccer fanatic, amateur bike rider/stunt-man-in-training and the apprentice of a family chef.  If he isn’t spending time adding to his abundant collection of comics (begrudgingly estimated at about $3,450 MSRP), he is talking to any mom and dad willing to lend an ear on how to be a better parent.

Favorite Book(s): One Minute Manager by Kevin Blanchard, To Die For the People by Huey P. Newton, Uncanny X-Force Issue #4 (2011)

Favorite Quote: Lions don’t lose sleep, over the opinion of sheep – Dimitri Simms, 2011 (admittedly maybe not the originator)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]