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Client Services
We understand that each company that we work with and each position we fill comes with its own set of special circumstances. Therefore, we offer a variety of solutions to best meet our clients' needs. After an in-depth assessment of your situation, we will decide together on which search method will be the best solution for you. The types of searches we offer include:

Contingency - Our basic level service where we will conduct a database search to screen and qualify candidates to ensure they fit your current requirements. This search is most effective when there are not critical time-factors existing and when there is a large pool of candidates that possess the skill-set you're looking for. A fee is paid only if you hire a candidate we've presented to you.

Priority - This is an exclusive search upon which the client pays a small upfront retainer to engage Red Kite Recruiting. We then assemble a project team and enter the market place to begin screening, qualifying and motivating passive candidates to consider an opportunity within your organization. The remaining portion of the fee is due upon placement of the candidate within your company.

Retained - This service is best utilized when critical time factors exist and filling the position is a high priority for your company. This search method is best utilized for difficult to fill positions or for higher level positions such as Vice President and above. For this reason, 1/3 of the estimated fee is due at the beginning of the search, 1/3 is due after we present a short list of qualified candidates and the remaining 1/3 is due at completion of the assignment.